Hi! My name is Sadaf, I currently reside in Auckland, New Zealand. I work full-time in the field of IT and am a mommy to an 8 a 16 24 month old. I like to spend my spare time (whenever I can) in my kitchen, getting my hands on new recipes. I was brought up in an Indian family, and in addition to the awesome home-made/mom-made food, I remember coming across different tastes or the variety of cuisines, having lived across a few countries. I eventually grew interest in cooking only after I got married. My husband is a great food-lover and is my inspiration, critique and food companion. We dine out whenever we can and enjoy all the good food. I casually surf the web for some exciting recipes and try them in my kitchen, of course spice them up a bit to satisfy our heat levels!


Baking is my passion. I get busy baking whenever I can, and enjoy every bit of it. I also love shopping, knitting, reading, photography and following Food on TV. Both work and my little one keep me fully occupied on weekdays and so most of the cooking takes place only on the weekends. The other times I spend either hooked onto internet or on Food TV. It is important for me to enjoy the complete process; right from shopping for the ingredients to serving it right. To the control freak I am, I make sure the preparation is followed by accurate cooking times and all that takes to get a perfect serving on the plate and out the kitchen.

About the Blog

Blogging is my newly found interest. Before this, I was working on a website of my own (called the same name), where I managed to pop in recipes now and then. With the website in place, I could finally be assured I wasn’t going to lose any of the precious recipes I have been collecting in my hand written note book all these years. But I realised my interest in updating recipes on my website went down over time and even down after I had my son… It was then, I realised I wanted to start up a blog!

About two years later, I started this blog quite recently (as you can see) and intend to compile and share the collection of recipes I’ve prepared in my kitchen over the years and lots more to come as I try out new things along. After all the beautiful blogs on cooking that I have been reading and following around these years, I make an effort to write up my own blog, which I hope you will enjoy.

About the Recipes

Both being brought up in Hyderabadi families, my husband and I have a natural liking towards Indian cuisine, mainly Hyderabadi. We absolutely love Hyderabadi specialties, and I try my best to replicate my mum’s and MiL’s recipes from time to time. And every time I realize there is more learning to the whole process. My husband loves meat and the reason there are non-vegetarian recipes more than vegetarian ones. I still make some veggie stuff occasionally though. We follow a strict Halal diet, and so there are no non-halal recipes; pork, alcohol etc on my blog.

The Coming Soon section of my blog includes a list of recipes, that I have either drafted or I plan to make soon. Other recipes are posted randomly, after having tried it successfully. Not all recipes are first-timer, only the ones that come out great! The photos are shot either by me or my husband. Please contact me before using any photographs for any purpose from my blog.


Thank you for stopping by. I hope you enjoy reading and trying these in your kitchen as much as eating or serving them.

Please feel free to leave your comments / suggestions and I’ll be more than happy to get back to you.


Have fun in the kitchen!


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  1. Awesome stuff babes..!!! Keep up the good work.. Though I am not too fond of cooking.. But enjoyed reading your page and will keep following regularly.. All the Best and God Bless..!!

    • Hey thanks, Priyanka! I’m glad you enjoyed and are keen to keep coming back. I’ll make sure I make this space interesting.. :)


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