Another Genoise cake : Pineapple Cream Cake

After getting success at baking a  Genoise cake, I managed to bake two more delicious cakes.  It was the Pineapple Cream Cake, using the Genoise cake base.  The pineapple cream cake is called pineapple ‘cool cake’ wuite popularly in Indian bakeries. I can imagine it got its other name, due to the resting time it needs in the fridge.

I baked this Genoise cake similar to the Black Forest Cake, but without the cocoa and used pineapple syrup instead (but of course!). I used up the chocolate left over from the Black Forest Cake, to shave it on top of the fresh cream icing; which makes it look similar to a black forest cake, but I am sure you can make out the difference!

The other weekend, made the same pineapple cream cake, without the chocolate shavings – which looked more like its name! :)

Here is the recipe to a delicious Pineapple Cream Cake and some pics for you to enjoy!

Have fun in the kitchen!



20. May 2013 by Sadaf Ansari
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