After that delicious palak paneer curry, here is a quick fix fruit salad recipe. Nothing better than this almost instant fruit salad as a great fix for a sweet craving after a long tiring day and a spicy meal! This recipe is adapted from my MiL; one of her special magical instant recipes! Follow the recipe below:

~ Enjoy!


Fruit Salad

Cuisine: Oriental | Cooking time: 15 mins |  Serving: 6 people

Diced mix fruits (with syrup) – 3 cans
Condensed milk – 1 can
Full Cream – 500ml
Instant jelly (any flavor) – 1 pack

Prepare the jelly following instructions on the pack. Keep aside to set.

Separate the fruits and syrup. Mix fruits together with condensed milk in a bowl. Add syrup to make it to a thinner consistency. You can skip the syrup if you like.

Add the cream. Cut the jelly into small cubes and add to the bowl.

Refrigerate for about 1 hour before serving.

[Tip: When short of time,  I refrigerate the cans of  fruit, condensed milk and cream, so it is easy to whip them up last minute!]


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03. April 2014 by Sadaf Ansari
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