Biryani Sundays: KOFTA BIRYANI

Here’s another delicious Biryani recipe post. The second one in this series. I have always missed the yummy Kofta Biryani that mum used to make. We used to have so many options every week with Biryani. This is one of the beautiful memories and mum’s recipe I am sharing below…

There are two parts to this recipe – a Kofta or meatballs gravy and then combining this to complete the Biryani dish. Unlike the Kachchi Aqni ki Biryani, the mince is marinated, cooked and then shaped into balls, fried and drop to slowly simmer in a gravy. This gravy is then sandwiched between the rice layers, and the Biryani is left on the flame for the first few minutes and then end in the oven to finish cooking.





Cuisine: Indian | Cooking time: 75 mins | Serving: 4 people


Onions – 3
Lemon juice – 3 tsbp
Milk – 1/2 cup
Yellow food color – 1/4 tsp
Safron strands – a pinch
Coriander leaves – a bunch
Mint leaves – a bunch

For Kofta & gravy:
Lean Mince – 500g
Red chilli powder – 2 tsp
Turmeric powder – 1/4 tsp
Garam Masala powder – 1/4 tsp
Green chillies – 4
Coriander leaves – 2 tbsp
Salt – according to taste
Yoghurt – 4 tbsp
Lemon juice – 1tbsp
Fried onions – half the quantity

Biryani Rice:
Rice – 650g
Whole garam masala;
Cinnamon – 1 stick
Cardamom – 4
Cloves – 4
Salt – 3 tsp

Wash and soak the rice.

Deep fry the sliced onions until crisp and golden brown.

Mix saffron and yellow food color with some milk.

Chop the coriander and mint leaves

For the Kofta:

Wash the mince and pressure cook with salt, red chilli powder, turmeric powder, green chillies and garam masala. Add some water to make sure the mince does not burn and stick to the base.

Wait until the mince cools down. Taste and adjust salt and grind to fine paste.

Apply some oil to your palms and make small balls of the mince dough.

Heat some oil in a pan and shallow fry the balls to a golden colour. Keep aside.

Prepare the gravy in the same pan. Add sliced onions, ginger garlic paste, salt, red chilli powder and saute for 2 mins.

Add yoghurt to the pan and simmer. Add in crushed fried onions and garam masala. Reduce on medium flame for 4-5mins. Toss in the koftas. Reduce the flame and simmer for 2 mins, add lemon juice and coriander.

At this point, handle the kofta balls carefully, making sure they do not break. Put the heat off, keep aside.

For Biryani rice

Boil enough water to cook the rice in a deep pan. Toss in whole cinnamon, cardamoms and cloves.

When the water starts boiling, add the rice in. Carefully stir the rice, strain when 80% cooked.

In the same pan, spread half of the rice, followed by all of the kofta curry. Top it up with the remaining rice.

Pour in the milk covering all the of the rice, sprinkle the remaining fried onions, chopped coriander and mint leaves and the lemon juice.

Cover with foil and seal tightly. Place it in the oven with the lid on for about 15-20 mins.

Remove. Open the seal and carefully mix the rice and the gravy, making sure the koftas do not break.

Serve with Raita.


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