Cup Cakes!

Oh well, so I made these cup cakes that I was wanting to since some time now…

Of course this was the first time I was making a “cup cake” recipe. I was looking to making them like the fancy ones I see on TV everyday (well, not that I get to watch Food everyday!), but then decided to keep the fancy idea for a later time.  So I began surfing the internet for some recipe ideas and then headed to the kitchen for the exciting little journey of making these cuties!

Here is how they looked finished:



This recipe is inspired from here. I have tailored the ingredients to suit for 12 cup cakes without topping, and used Apricot jam in place of the original one. So here is the recipe to Surprise Cup Cakes!


Have fun in the kitchen!



09. July 2013 by Sadaf Ansari
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